How to protect yourself from the "borrow your phone" scam

The setup

There's a scam going around where a stranger will come up to you to borrow your phone to call their family or friend. This usually happens at a gas station or a mall. While they are using your phone, they might make an excuse to text the person instead.

The scam

Instead of texting, the scammer will look through your phone for your banking app or any of the social pay apps such as Venmo or Cashapp. They will send money to themselves and then delete any text messages related to the transfer.

How to protect yourself

  • Put PIN codes on all your banking apps
  • Do not let people borrow your phone, even if you keep an eye on them

The best way to let someone use your phone without touching it physically.

  1. Dial the number.
  2. Hold the phone.
  3. Put the phone on speaker.
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