Sublime Text Refresh Folder Hotkey
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Sublime Text Refresh Folder Hotkey

Sublime Text 3 is my go to editor. The problem I have with it, is that the Project Folder does not auto refresh or add new files that were created. You can manually refresh the folder, but it’s not efficient. We can set up a hotkey to do the work.

  1. Open Sublime Text.
  2. Select Preferences from the top menu and click Key Bindings – User.
  3. Add the following entry between the brackets.
 // Refresh folder list with F5
{ "keys": ["f5"], "command": "refresh_folder_list" }

You should be able to refresh the folders with F5.

Note: I have since moved to VS Code. You can check out my developer setup here.
I still use Sublime Text 3 for quick text editing or for very large files.
Sublime Text's start-up time is still faster than any other code editor out there.