My Technology Stack
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My Technology Stack

My Technology Stack

I'm listing all the tools and programs I use to be more efficient in my personal and professional life. This should be a great start for web developers and software engineers.

There are no wrong ways to use programs or do things.
In the end, it's whatever works for your current workflow.
If you are not happy, move on and try something else


  • MacBook Pro
  • iPad Pro
  • Sony WHH900N Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones
    I use these noise canceling headphones based on Wirecutter's review.
    I loved them enough to buy my wife a pair.
  • Apple AirPods
    I bought the AirPods for my wife and ended up stealing them.
    They are convenient to carry everywhere and having the ability to tap on the headphones to pause or skip is awesome.


Note: I have a subscription with Setapp which includes some of the software listed below.
  • Alfred 4
    An award-winning app to boost your productivity with search, hotkeys and more. I have plugins which make my life easier and the clipboard manager allows me to work faster. Especially when I map my caps lock to Alfred.
  • Bartender
    An app that controls my menu.
  • BetterTouchTool
    I use this app for keyboard, mouse, and touchpad shortcuts.
  • Boom3d
    If you feel like your MacBook speakers aren't loud enough, this app will fix that.
  • Timing
    I use this to track my time on my computer
  • RescueTime
    Same as above.
  • VsCode
    My editor of choice
  • iTerm2
    My terminal of choice with a zsh shell and oh-my-zsh.
  • Hazel
    For folder and file automation.
  • aText
    Cheaper alternative to TextExpander.
  • Pocket
    My read it later manager
  • Spectacle
    My window manager.
    I wanted something close to Windows in window docking capability.


  • Chrome
    I've used Chrome exclusively since it has been released. I feel their web tools are the best.
  • Brave
    5/30/20 - I started using Brave as my go to browser. I love it. It feels like Chrome, but faster and lighter. The ad blocker and tracker blocker is good enough that I didn't need to install the uBlock extension.
    6/07/20 - I stopped using Brave browser because they were hijacking links.
  • Firefox
    I have tried using Firefox for their privacy, but it just never worked out.

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