Nuxt supress vue/comment-directive error
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Nuxt supress vue/comment-directive error

The problem

Nuxt.js is my go to framework for static site generation. I was getting a vue/comment-directive error on bootstrap and wasn't able to get pass this error screen.

Nuxt vue/comment-directive error

Installing Nuxt.js

First, let's make sure we have all the prerequisites installed.
I used create-nuxt-app to bootstrap my Nuxt project.

npm i create-nuxt-app

Creating a Nuxt project

Once you have create-nuxt-app installed, we can create the app by running the nuxt-app command.

npm init nuxt-app <project-name>

The command creates a project directory with the folder structure necessary to start building a Nuxt app.

Let's start the app.

npm run dev

Fixing the Nuxt vue/comment-directive error

The error

As soon as I saw the error in my terminal, I googled vue/comment-directive and saw the rule being included in all of the eslint plugins.

Module Error (from ./node_modules/eslint-loader/dist/cjs.js):                                                           friendly-errors 15:25:13

  25:12  error  clear  vue/comment-directive
vue/comment-directive error in terminal

The rule allows us to have eslint-disable functionality in our Vue <template> . The rule is throwing false positives, and we need to turn it off in our .eslintrc.js file.

Adding a custom rule in .eslintrc.js

Open the .eslintrc.js file in your root directory.

nuxt eslintrc file

We can add a custom rule to turn off vue/comment-directive.

module.exports = {
  root: true,
  env: {
    browser: true,
    node: true
  parserOptions: {
    parser: 'babel-eslint'
  extends: [
  plugins: [
  // add your custom rules here
  rules: {
    'nuxt/no-cjs-in-config': 'off',
    'vue/comment-directive': 'off'
turning off vue/comment-directive

I'm able to rerun the app without the eslint errors.