EZOIC Review: How I doubled my revenue in one month with Ezoic in 2021
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EZOIC Review: How I doubled my revenue in one month with Ezoic in 2021

How I made more money with Ezoic than Adsense in one month. Best case study out there with pictures of my revenue and numbers.
EZOIC Review: How I doubled my revenue in one month with Ezoic in 2021

How to make money on your blog

The easiest way to make money from your website and blog is by serving ads.  Google Adsense has been around for over 15 years and there are now companies who pump your Adsense ads with steroids. In this post, I detail how much I was making with Adsense vs Ezoic and the amount of traffic required to get Ezoic. Let’s get it! 💰


As of August 2022, I generate about $1500/month through my site.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an all-in-one publishing platform that allows digital publishers to scale intelligent decision-making on their websites easily. Publishers use Ezoic to improve user experiences and increase website revenue by using machine learning to adapt things like ads, layouts, and content to visitors on their websites based on the results of the automated multi-variate test.

In other words, Ezoic takes your Google Ads and uses machine learning to get you the most money.

Ezoic Requirements

To monetize with Ezoic, you must meet some of their requirements.

  1. Traffic size
    Ezoic recommends you have an average of 10,000 visits a month. The more the better. Their machine learning algorithm needs a lot of data to figure out how to serve your ads for the most money.
  2. Adsense
    You have to already have a Google Adsense account with the website. It has to be in good standing with Google.
  3. Adhere to  Google’s Ad Policy
    Your site has to have original content, no keyword stuffing, and no invalid impressions.
  4. Site Content
    Rich, informational content sites benefit everybody. Google Adsense and Ezoic want to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers.

Case study: How much did I make on a 6 year old gaming blog

The best way to show you the difference between Adsense and Ezoic is to compare them side by side. The site stats is a 6-year-old blog in the gaming niche.

How much I made with Google Adsense

My Adsense revenue of $82.15

For December 2020, I made $81.15 for over 29,000 page views with Google Adsense.  On average, this is $2.65 a day, which isn’t bad. The important stat is Page RPM,  which means how much you get paid for every  1 thousand views. My Page RPM shows as $2.76, which means 29,744 views x $2.76 = $82.15 in earnings. My site was starting to gain traction closer to the end of the month and following into the year 2021.

How much did I make with Ezoic

My Ezoic revenue of $202.66

Wow, switching over to Ezoic, I more than doubled my site's money. I made $202.66 for February 2021. Ezoic’s version of Page RPM is EPMV, and as you can see it’s more than doubled Adsense’s RPM $5.81. I make $7.24 A DAY with Ezoic. Crazy!

As I said, my site is starting to gain more traction, so the page views are higher than in December 2020. If you want a one-to-one comparison, you can just take Ezoic’s EPMV and multiply it by 29 to get a better estimate. If the two months had the same 29,000 page views in traffic, I would’ve received $168.49.

Combination of Adsense and Ezoic

Even though I switched over to Ezoic, I still generate a little bit of Adsense revenue. This is because Adsense ads are still being served, just with Ezoic’s steroids.  Add another $24.84 for February 2021.

Still making adsense revenue $24.84

My February 2021 revenue for my site is $227.5. 🏦

Latest Update

As of August 2022, I generate about $1500/month through my site.


Still making bank with Ezoic

Moving to Ezoic has been the best thing I have done. My numbers have been looking better and better. Once you meet the requirements, I highly suggest signing up for Ezoic. You can see their 2019 revenue report of publishers. I used this to determine how much I could make with Ezoic.