Why the gaps in my Oura ring data?
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Why the gaps in my Oura ring data?

Why the gaps in my Oura ring data?

When I saw a good deal on the Oura ring a few months ago, I jumped on it.
I have been tracking my sleep for the past few years using my Apple watch and the AutoSleep app. The Oura ring is more comfortable and easier to use.

The problem

There has been some nights where I would have gaps in my resting heart rate graph.

Why are there so many gaps?


Clicking on the "Why the gaps?" button takes you to the Oura ring page with some possible causes:

  1. Before going to bed, check that the LED sensors are underneath your finger, and the ring sits snugly enough.
  2. Wash the sensors and the whole ring with water and mild soap. Rinse and dry the ring thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  3. You sleep in a position where your hand goes numb
  4. The ring detects a lot of movement, which temporarily disturbs pulse signal tracking.
  5. There are interferences in tracking due to arrhythmia.

My solution

Even though my Oura ring fit perfectly on my left ring finger, I decided to move it to my right ring finger. This fixed the problem.

My bro science theory is I am right handed. Even both fingers feel like they fit the same, my blood probably pumps harder and is easier to detect on my right hand.