List of links 7/31/20

What I wrote this week

Sequelize migration with enum values
Sequelize doesn’t allow you to change column with enum values.
I made a direct query to Postgres to update the column enums.


No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public - The New York Times

What are the Obstacles to Doing the Real Thing? | Scott H Young

Acute exercise has beneficial effects on the immune system during prostate cancer | Scienmag: Latest Science and Health News
Good thing I’ve been cycling more.

Will Going to College Make You Happier? - The Atlantic


FoodNoms | Food Tracker App for iPhone
I am looking for a MyFitnessPal replacement, and this looks like it could be it. The free version has more out of the box and FoodNoms definitely looks better than MyFitnessPal. Their food database is not as extensive at the moment, but they allow users to scan the nutrition label.


Voiceover and Braille screen input. - YouTube
Kristy Viers shows how blind people are able to use Twitter on their smartphones.

Isamu Yamamoto’s Skateboarding Skills Are Like Someone Playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater With The Cheats On - Youtube
I can’t even skateboard.

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