List of links 7/3/20

Some articles I found across the web.


Reddit bans r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse as part of a major expansion of its rules  - The Verge
Reddit used to be the wild Wild West. I’m happy they are policing now, but at the same time, it won’t be the same.

How Telegram’s Pavel Durov beat the Kremlin’s Internet guardians. - The Washington Post

83 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal | Zero Hedge

Shoes! The easiest little GUI toolkit, for Ruby.

Giant Fish Attacks Spy Squid - YouTube
I didn’t know we had Robot Squids

How a PG&E Contractor With a Sketchy Past Made Millions After California’s Deadliest Fire — ProPublica

When You Lose Weight, Your Fat Cells Don’t Just Let Go of Fat

Will Going to College Make You Happier? - The Atlantic

High Agency: what is it, why its important, and how to cultivate it
“High Agency is about finding a way to get what you want, without waiting for conditions to be perfect or otherwise blaming the circumstances. “


An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Goal Setting - YouTube
Noah Kagan is one of my idols. I'm glad he's sharing some insight on how he stays productive and achieves his goals.


Foam | A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode
A cool open source alternative to Roam Research with VSCode and git. I might play around this a bit more. I wish Bear had backlinks.

Stuff I wrote

How to update a column with sequelize migration

How I install NodeJS on a raspberry pi
I’ve been playing with the raspberry pi more and more. So far I’ve set up PiHole and some Pocket script that auto tags my articles.

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