List of links 7/24/20


This week is the end of the $600/week from unemployment for Americans.
I’m curious to how this is going to affect the stock market. We might see sell offs on the stock market.

Thieves Are Emptying ATMs Using a New Form of Jackpotting | WIRED
40 bills dispensed every 23 seconds?!

Sony’s wearable air conditioner is pretty cool - The Verge
This is sick. A small personal A/C which you can wear.

The Vocal Ranges of the Greatest Singers |

How Iron Man’s VFX Evolved Over 11 Years | Movies Insider - YouTube

What It’s Like to Be a Billionaire’s Butler | GQ
China are requesting more British butlers because of Downtown Abby. They pay local butlers $300/month, but British butlers start at $60k/year and get six figures after a couple of years.

How Seattle’s NHL team became the Kraken
Design porn. Their secondary logo is the Space Needle and an anchor.

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