List of links 7/10/20

List of links 7/10/20

Some articles I found throughout this week.

Tesla Short Shorts
Elon is a savage.

Our Ghost-Kitchen Future | The New Yorker

Formula 1 2020: The secret aerodynamicist - are capes the key? - BBC Sport
Glad F1 is back. The last race was crazy.
The Paycheck Protection Program Report

How a DevTools Extension is Made | Guillermo
Cool walkthrough of Vue Devtools

A Room in Manhattan or a Mansion in Memphis? How Much Residential Space $250,000 Can Buy in the 100 Largest U.S. Cities? | PropertyShark
Maybe I should move closer to the beach.

Robinhood Has Lured Young Traders, Sometimes With Devastating Results - The New York Times
“After funding his account with $15,000 in credit card advances, he began spending more time on the app.” He ended hitting a million, but went down to $6k. Sounds more like a gambling addiction.

iOS 14 Preview - Apple
I’m excited for iOS 14

Money buys even more happiness than it used to

How to remember anything using the memory palace technique | WIRED UK

How one woman’s stolen identity exposed a system of exam fraud - BBC News

‘It Will Consume Your Life’: 4 Families Take On Rare Diseases - The New York Times
Orphan diseases are illnesses that affect fewer than 200,000 people. Pharma doesn’t look at these illnesses because they aren’t profitable.

Portland approves 10% cap on fees that food delivery apps can charge restaurants -
I know DoorDash was trying to charge my wife’s business 30% plus a setup fee.


A QUICK explanation of Array Reduce in JavaScript
Best explanation from CJ for array reduce

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