List of links 6/12/20

Things I found around the web worth reading

50 Ideas That Changed My Life — David Perell

Some possible career goals

TensorFlow.js | Machine Learning for Javascript Developers
Interesting to see what will be created on the client

Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
Dropping facts. Great explanation of qualified immunity and what’s wrong with the police.

How to write good Git commit messages - AltCampus Blog

OpenAI’s Text Generator Is Going Commercial | WIRED

fyi: You can bypass YouTube ads by adding a dot after the domain : webdev
This trick works to bypass paywalls for articles.

How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine - Superorganizers
This guy works at Shopify and he’s amazing.

AI will be available to more engineers.

Ask HN: Which tools have made you a much better programmer? | Hacker News
Looking through these toolsets to better my own.

Phil Spencer Is Exactly Who You Think He Is - GameSpot
Went from an intern to the head of the Xbox

Game CS 1.6 play Сounter-Strike online free — CS-ONLINE.CLUB
I wasted many hours playing Counter-Strike in high school. It’s amazing they were able to put it in the browser.

Things I wrote

How to protect yourself from the “borrow your phone” scam
Try not to fall for the “let me borrow your phone” scam.

How to report a text message for spam on Verizon
Coronavirus doesn’t affect spam.

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