Hold'em Manager 2 vs PokerTracker 4 (beta)
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Hold'em Manager 2 vs PokerTracker 4 (beta)

So far, I have used HM2 for about a month, and PT4(beta) for a few days.

My quick review, detailed one coming soon.

So far my thoughts are as follows:
-Interface is very graphic friendly and looks nice.
-HUD is big enough to read and has color ranges built in.
-Easy installation PostgreSQL built and database configured.
– I didn’t even know it had a note system.

-Had to setup the database, but it was easy and it had this cool setup wizard.
-HUD is a lot faster and is scalable.
-It was so much easier to find everything.
-The stats such as graphs is easy to read and understand.
-I love the NOTE system, didn’t have to play with it to get it to work.
-You can edit and save the layout of the HUD so that it won’t be different the next time you use it.
-Editing the HUD has a search feature and you can watch a video to see what each stat does.