7 Things to Carry In Your Bike Bag in 2021
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7 Things to Carry In Your Bike Bag in 2021

The worst feeling in the world is having a flat tire without the things you need in your bike bag. Here's a list of things you should always carry with you in the saddle bag.
7 Things to Carry In Your Bike Bag in 2021


In the past few months, I've put up over 1300 miles cycling. Gyms closed, so I was not able to do my normal routine of strength training. I had bought a road bike a few years ago and I lived in the Bay Area, which meant lots of trails and very good weather.

After my second week, I had a flat and realized I was not prepared at all. I made a list of things you should carry in your bike bag.

What to carry in your bike bag.


If you don't have a bike bag, I recommend this saddlebag. It's cheap and gets the job done.

saddle bag

Spare Tubes

Continental spare tubes

Always bring a spare or two! I recommend the Continental Race Tubes. I have tried different brands and they have always got a hole. I haven't had an issue since I've been carrying these in my bike bag. Make sure you get the right valves and stem length.

CO2 Inflator and Canister

lezyne control driver co2

You can always bring a bike pump in your bike bag, but the CO2 inflators are so much cooler. I ended up buying this Lezyne CO2 inflator because it has a control valve. You will need to bring some canisters in your saddlebag.

Tire Levers

park tools tire lever

How do you expect to change your spare without tire levers? I usually have the Park Tool 1.2 in my bag, but my wife has Pedro's Tire Levers. Both are good, grab whichever one you like.


park tool bike multitool

One time, I hit a bump so hard, but handlebars dropped. I highly suggest you bring a multitool with you. You never know when you need a last-minute seat or cleat change. I have a Park Tool bike multitool, but you should find one that matches your bikes nuts and bolts.


honey stinger waffles

The last thing you want is to make the last mile. I usually carry an extra Honey Stinger Waffle or some Gatorade chews in my saddlebag.


The wife and I each carry a $20 bill in our bags.