Using Chrome Sessions / Tab Sync with Speed Dial 2

I switched my old New Tab page in Chrome to Speed Dial 2. I like how I can just swipe to the side to see all my bookmarks and applications.
The one thing that annoyed me was that I couldn’t see tabs and sessions that were open in my other devices.

I found a temporary fix.

  1. Type in about:flags in your omnibar
  2. Find Enable Instant Extended API and set it to “enabled”.
  3. Once you relaunch, you can find your Chrome sessions by clicking on your Chrome menu (three horizontal lines in the right corner) and going to Recent Tabs.

It’s the only way to use Speed Dial 2 and Chrome Sessions right now, until Google gives an API to developers to allow them to see other devices.

I also found out that you can check mobile Chrome Sync, by going to chrome://history/ when you’re logged in.

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