List of links 06/05/20

Posting things I found across the internet for this week.


Sell Yourself Sell Your Work
I realized you have to be loud about your accomplishments.

The business of tear gas - Axios
There is no federal tracking of tear gas usage by U.S. law enforcement…”

Kerbal Space Program 2 Release Disrupted by Corporate Strife - Bloomberg
It’s interesting how the gaming industry is different than the tech scene.

Bitcoin ‘Bart Simpson’ Trading Pattern Returns With Volatility - Bloomberg
I thought this was funny.

The Federal Reserve’s Coronavirus Crisis Actions, Explained (Part 1) - Notes on the Crises
Good insight on why the fed is going brrrrrr

‘It opens up a whole new universe’: Revolutionary microscopy technique sees individual atoms for first time
This is cool.

These Sharks Thrive Inside an Underwater Volcano

Fitful nightly sleep linked to chronic inflammation, hardened arteries | Berkeley News
I’ve been getting around 5-6 hours of sleep since coronavirus.


How to Design User Interfaces for Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Applications | Circuit Stream

Books Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story

Stuff I wrote this week

How to prepopulate a sms message with html
I wanted to create a button that would open a text message on any mobile device. I realized you can create an anchor tag with an href of sms. You can also prepopulate or fill in the text message using the body query. Make sure you encode the text message body. <a href=“sms:+18664504185&body=Hi%2…
Why the gaps in my Oura ring data?
When I saw a good deal on the Oura ring [] a few months ago, I jumped on it. I have been tracking my sleep for the past few years using my Apple watch and the AutoSleep [] app. The Oura ring is more comfortable and easier to use. The problem There…
How to whitelist google analytics for pi-hole
I installed Pi-hole []over the weekend. It’s the shit. Only problem I had was not being able to go to Google Analytics. If you run this command in ssh, you’ll be able to add Google Analytics to your whitelist. pihole -w The good thing is that you can go …
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